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From The Experience People Since 2009

Replace Your Old Electricity System With Guaranteed Solar Power Output & Maintenance

Powerful Benefits Of Leasing Solar System That Can Not Be Denied

Own your system in less price

Extend your operations and maintenance contract for a minimal monthly fee of just $210.

Opt-Out Anytime, Your choice

If you are not satisfied opt out with service anytime. We respect your choice

Guaranteed monthly energy production

Guaranteed the energy production of your system. If it fails we will pay for remainig

Continuous Performance Assurance

If system falls short of guaranteed monthly energy production, we'll add additional solar panels at no extra cost

Leading the Way in the Virgin Islands - Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries Your Exclusive Destination for Comprehensive Solar Solutions in the VI Choose from DIY Adventures or Professionally Installed Systems 14 Years of Illuminating the Virgin Islands and Beyond

We understand that investing in a solar system is more than just a purchase; it’s a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. That’s why our operations and maintenance contract is designed to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your solar investment remains hassle-free.
Real Virgin Island Based Support

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Mon-Fri 8am-8pm EST

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What People Say

Eco Innovations VI exceeded our expectations with their solar leasing service. Their user-friendly approach and hassle-free maintenance contract gave us the assurance we needed. The warranty on equipment and monthly production guarantee are truly comforting. They keep a watchful eye on our system, and any problems are swiftly resolved. Going solar with Eco Innovations VI has brought financial savings and environmental benefits. We are thrilled to be their happy customers and would recommend them to anyone considering solar energy.

John Lewis

John Lewis

CEO, Logistics

Eco Innovations VI has made going solar a breeze. Their straightforward leasing process and reliable maintenance service have brought peace to our energy journey. We love the fact that our system comes with a solid warranty and a production guarantee. Knowing we’re covered gives us peace of mind. Their diligent system monitoring and quick response to any issues make us feel like valued customers. We’re saving money and embracing clean energy with ease. Eco Innovations VI is the way to go if you want hassle-free solar power.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith

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    Solar Lease Highlights

    Our solar leasing options offer flexibility and financial benefits, making your transition to solar energy a breeze:

    1. Minimum 24-Month Term

    Commit to a minimum term of 24 months. If you cancel before 24 months, you're responsible for payments for the balance of the 24 months.

    After the initial 2 years, enjoy automatic month-to-month leasing for up to 10 years

    2. Free Operations and Maintenance

    We provide operations and maintenance free of charge for the duration of the chosen term.

    3. Cancellation Options

    With 5- and 10-year terms, you can cancel anytime after 2 years. We will promptly remove our equipment within 7 days of your notice. Please note that there will be no refunds of down payments or monthly payments made. We require a valid reason for cancellation. We leave the infrastructure in place, removing only rails (roof anchors remain), solar panels, batteries, and the inverter. There are no financial obligations for either party.

    4. Purchase Option

    You can opt to purchase the equipment at any time during the lease term.

    5. End-of-Term Buyout

    At the end of the lease term, you have the opportunity to buy out the system